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Nihonbashi: A neighborhood perfect for business events

Nihonbashi is located at the heart of old Edo, the city that would become modern Tokyo, and which in its day outshone even the metropolises of Paris and London. Today, Nihonbashi is thriving more than ever as a center of finance, culture, business, and tourism. As a microcosm of everything that makes Tokyo great, Nihonbashi is the perfect place to host your business event.

Outstanding Accessibility

Located within walking distance of Tokyo Station—the transit terminal known as the "gateway to Tokyo"—Nihonbashi and the surrounding area are also home to several smaller stations: Kanda Station, Mitsukoshimae Station, Nihombashi Station, and Shin-Nihombashi Station.

COREDO Muromachi Terrace and More:
Nihonbashi is Home to a Host of Shopping Centers

COREDO Muromachi Terrace* is a new shopping center designed as a place where every moment is rewarding. Among the stores and restaurants found within are 2 Japan-firsts (including the country's first location of the Taiwanese chain Eslite Bookstore), as well as 5 making their first appearance in the Kanto region, and 10 new-concept establishments. This new mall offers world-class food as well as products and services that have already caught the eye of discerning shoppers.

Nihonbashi is also home to many other shopping centers and department stores, including COREDO Nihonbashi, COREDO Muromachi, Mitsukoshi Main Store, Takashimaya, Yuito, and Yuito Annex.

With its wealth of shopping options waiting to be enjoyed before and after your event, Nihonbashi and its amenities will help to ensure a fulfilling experience for your guests.

About the COREDO name:“COREDO“ is a portmanteau of the English word “core“ and “Edo,“ the former name of Tokyo. Nihonbashi was the starting point of the Five Routes that connected the Japanese capital to the country's outer provinces in the 17th century and onward. Since then, Nihonbashi has flourished as one of Edo and Tokyo's commercial centers. COREDO was born from the desire to create a new commercial “core“ for Tokyo, surrounded by the rich history and tradition of Nihonbashi.

A Treasure Trove of Sights to See

The local cruise operators offer a range of routes through the area's waterways that allow visitors to take in sights that vary tremendously not only from season to season, but even from hour to hour. The area is also home to numerous historic and well-known establishments, some of which are over a century old, drawing crowds with culinary experiences that cannot be had anywhere else. Nihonbashi is also the birthplace of the rickshaw. In the spring, rickshaw tours of the area's prime cherry blossom viewing spots are a popular activity.
With so many great sightseeing opportunities available, choosing Nihonbashi for your event will allow you to treat your guests to an unforgettable experience.

Luxury Hotels Within Walking Distance

Nihonbashi's diverse range of accommodation options includes luxury hotels such as the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo and the Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier. You are sure to find a hotel that perfectly suits your needs nearby.
The Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is a world-class five-star hotel where every moment is a sumptuous visual feast.
Behind its majestic facade is a style that is both modern and unmistakably Japanese, powered by state-of-the-art technology. The hotel's amenities include its highly-regarded spa, a slate of culinary experiences sure to amaze and inspire, and service of the very highest standard.

A Place Where Japan's Business, Entertainment, and Cultural Worlds Come Together

Nihonbashi grew rapidly as Edo's castle town. Today, it is a place where the historic and the cutting-edge live side-by-side. A walk through the streets of Nihonbashi is a chance to take in both modern and traditional architecture.
A neighborhood with a history as a commercial center that drew large numbers of merchants and artisans, Nihonbashi today is home to the headquarters of numerous major companies. As the location of arts facilities such as the Meijiza and Mitsukoshi Theaters, the area is also a neighborhood of culture, where residents and visitors can enjoy live theater and other traditional art forms.

From festivals dating back to its earliest days, to the otherworldly goldfish extravaganza Art Aquarium, Nihonbashi plays host to a variety of events throughout the year. Around here, there is never a dull moment.
The Nihonbashi area is a place where the best of Japanese business, entertainment, culture, food, and seasonal beauty can all be experienced up close.

The Nihonbashi Revitalization Project

The 2004 opening of COREDO Nihonbashi also marked the start of renewed efforts on the part of Mitsui Fudosan to diversify the area's functionality and attract even more people and business through mixed-use redevelopment. These efforts include the Nihonbashi Revitalization Project, an initiative that has united the public and private sectors behind the development concept of “Retain, Revive, Create.“ Now, the Nihonbashi Revitalization Project is set to enter a new phase aimed at facilitating community development that will address issues faced by cities around the world, underpinned by three key concepts: the restoration of a vibrant waterfront, the creation of new industry, and the hosting of international events that will connect Nihonbashi to the world. The Nihonbashi of the Edo period (1603–1868), as the starting point of the Five Routes that connected the capital to the rest of Japan, became a focal point for people and things from across the country. The interactions that resulted gave rise to new kinds of industry and culture, establishing Nihonbashi as an exceptionally innovative neighborhood. At Mitsui Fudosan, our hope is to bring this central neighborhood back to global prominence. To that end, we are bringing together like-minded people from around the world to foster interactions that will extend new, future-oriented value to the world. Our goal for this project is to create a present-day version of the neighborhood that launched so many journeys.
※Concept image of the Nihonbashi of the future. Does not depict actual development plans, etc.