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Contact Us

Please contact us using our Contact form, by email, or by telephone to learn about booking availability. Also, please feel free to let us know how you would like to use our facility.

  • There may be some cases in which, due to the planned size or other specifics of an event, our facility will be unable to host it.
  • Hall bookings can be made up to one year in advance of the date of your event. Conference room bookings may be made up to three months in advance of the date of your event.


Make a Preliminary Booking

We will provide you with a quote based on the specifics of your event. To secure your desired room(s) ahead of submitting your final booking request, you can make a placeholder booking. The placeholder booking will remain valid for up to one week after we submit your quote. If we have not received a final booking request from you by the end of that one-week period, the placeholder booking will expire at that time.

  • This will be a preliminary quote, and will consist only of facility usage fees such as room rates, etc.
  • If any changes to the specifics of your event are made at or after the meeting stage (Step 4), we will provide you with another quote.


Apply to Finalize Your Booking

Please fill in the required information on the application form, sign the form, and send it to Muromachi Mitsui Hall & Conference. Once we have received your application form, your booking will be finalized. If the booking is canceled after it has been finalized, a cancelation fee will apply.


Consult With Us

At this stage, you will meet with an event coordinator to finalize the layout, equipment, catering, and any other services that you wish to use on the day of your event. Any additional application forms that may be necessary, such as a Loading/Unloading Registration, can be filled out and submitted at this time.


Advance Payment

Please pay the amount indicated on the quote that was supplied when your booking was finalized (the deposit portion) at least one month before the date of your event. An invoice will be issued to you, usually one month in advance of the payment date. Please be aware that if we have not received your payment by the specified date, your booking will be canceled, and a cancelation fee will apply.


Your Event

Please come to the venue at the scheduled time. Your event coordinator will be here to support you.



At this time, you will be billed for the specific services you have used. Please submit your payment by the specified date.